The following units are provided to support PreK teachers in providing standards-aligned learning progressions for their students.

Each unit is identified by topic and organized with prioritized, standard-aligned outcomes, essential questions and big ideas, prerequisite skills and sequenced learning progressions.

Teachers will have the opportunity to download an editable unit planning template that can be customized to meet the unique needs of their students.

Each unit plan is generally taught over the course of one quarter of the school year. Lessons will vary in length, depending on the amount of time you have with students, the resources that you choose to accompany the unit, the level of rigor within each learning target and any other factors that may contribute to the pacing of your learning progressions. It is recommended that you adjust the pace and length of each learning progression(s) accordingly in response to these factors.

For ELA and math only, these learning progressions were developed using Next Generation Learning Standards and were cross-walked with the Common Core Standards.

ELA Standards

Math Standards

Science Standards

Social Studies Standards

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