Modifying Units

Steps for modifying units for your students’ needs

1. Consider your student needs

What standards-based essential skills still need to be taught? What IEP goals still need to be taught? What unit was just taught that you can build from?

2. Find the right unit

Using the prioritized curriculum unit plan, start in your grade level and work back by grade to find the unit with the skills that best match your students’ needs. Download that unit’s “Framework for Instructional Planning,” add it to your Google Drive and rename it.

3. Focus on knowledge and skills

First, read the unit description, essential question and big ideas to be sure it matches what you are looking for. Read the teaching point(s) for the standards, strike any that you won’t be teaching and add any extra skills that you need cover.

4. Review student learning targets lesson by lesson

Start with day one. Read the objective or guiding questions and the student learning targets. If you need more time for any day’s lesson, add a row below. If you will not be covering any skill presented, delete that day’s lesson.

5. Fill in needed lessons

Use the “go to websites” to fill in all materials for any missing lesson, or create your own.

6. Implement your unit

Now, using your Google classroom, begin your unit. Share the video instruction, practice experiences and support experiences with your students. Check back into Essential Ed to plan your next unit.