Grade 2 ELA

Unit 1: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

April 6-17

  • 2R7: Demonstrate understanding of story elements and/or topics by applying information gained from illustrations or text features.
  • 2W1: Write an opinion about a topic or personal experience, using clear reasons and relevant evidence. Ss in 2nd grade should understand the difference between opinions and arguments and begin to learn how to write arguments with claims and supporting reasons. (See Standards for examples.)

Unit 2: Craft and Structure

April 20-May 1

  • 2R6: Identify examples of how illustrations, text features, and details support the point of view or purpose of the text.
  • 2W4: Create a response to a text, author, theme or personal experience (e.g., poem, play, story, artwork, or other).

Unit 3: Key Ideas and Details

May 4-15

  • 2R2: Identify a main topic or central idea and retell key details in a text; summarize portions of a text.
  • 2W3: Write narratives which recount real or imagined experiences or a short sequence of events, including details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings; use temporal words to signal event order, and provide a sense of closure.

Unit 4: Key Ideas and Details

May 18-29

  • 2R1: Develop and answer questions to demonstrate an understanding of key ideas and details in a text.
  • 2W2: Write informative/explanatory texts that introduce a topic, use facts and other information to develop points, use content-specific language, and provide a concluding statement or section.

Unit 5: Key Ideas and Details

June 1-12

  • 2R1: Develop and answer questions to demonstrate an understanding of key ideas and details in a text.
  • 2W6: Develop questions and participate in shared research and explorations to answer questions and to build knowledge.

Unit 6: Research to Build and Present Knowledge

June 15-19

  • 2R3: In literary texts, describe how characters respond to major events and challenges. In informational texts, describe the connections among ideas, concepts, or a series of events.
  • 2W7: Recall and represent relevant information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.