Grade 2 ELA Unit 1

Character Study and Narrative Writing: In this unit, students will learn to pay close attention to how characters interact within a story and how they drive the actions. They will begin to ask and answer who, what, when, where, how, and why questions to further their understanding and to identify key details within a text to support their understanding. The students will learn to participate in collaborative conversations, beginning to identify and use appropriate grammar and punctuation when writing and speaking, specifically while discussing characters’ thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how they respond to major events within a text. The students will begin to listen to others perspectives and notice how others thoughts reinforce or contradict their own thoughts and understandings. Students will write a personal narrative where they will begin to apply what they have learned in reading to their own writing. The students will begin to develop fluency to aid in comprehension.

Grade 2 ELA Reading Foundations

Phonics and Word Recognition: The students will learn to recognize and distinguish between long and short vowel sounds when reading and writing c-v-c and silent -e one syllable words. The students will continue to build on their sight vocabulary, adding words and increasing recall when reading and writing new sight words.