Grade 1 ELA Reading Foundations

Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition: In these lessons, students will learn the fundamental strategies for decoding and spelling. The students will develop their phonological awareness and apply that understanding to tapping to decode and spell. Students will expand their sight word vocabulary which will help increase their fluency and comprehension. Students will become proficient at decoding and spelling closed syllable words and they will begin to apply understanding of v-e syllable types in decoding and spelling. The students will gain a basic understanding of common suffixes and how they change the meaning of the base word.

Grade 1 ELA Unit 1

Rules and Routines Small Moments in Writing (Narrative): In this introductory unit, students will review key concepts from Kindergarten, while working to develop a strong virtual classroom community. Students will use their review of reading and phonics skills to develop a “small moment” narrative that describes a real or imagined experience.