Grade 1 ELA

Unit 1: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

April 6-17

  • 1R7 Use illustrations and details in literary and informational texts to discuss story elements and/or topics.
  • 1W1 Write an opinion on a topic or personal experience; give two or more reasons to support that opinion.

Unit 2: Craft and Structure

April 20-May 1

  • 1R6 Describe how illustrations and details support the point of view or purpose of the text.
  • 1W4 Create a response to a text, author, theme or personal experience (e.g., poem, dramatization, artwork, or other).

Unit 3: Key Ideas and Details

May 4-May 15

  • 1R2 Identify a main topic or central idea in a text and retell important details.
  • 1W3 Write narratives which recount real or imagined experiences or events or a short sequence of events.

Unit 4: Key Ideas and Details

May 18-29

  • 1R1 Develop and answer questions about key ideas and details in a text.
  • 1W2 Write an informative/explanatory text to introduce a topic, supplying some facts to develop points, and provide some sense of closure.

Unit 5: Key Ideas and Details

June 1-12

  • 1R1 Develop and answer questions about key ideas and details in a text.
  • 1W6 Develop questions and participate in shared research and explorations to answer questions and to build knowledge.

Unit 6: Research to Build and Present Knowledge

June 15-19

  • 1R3 Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, or pieces of information in a text.
  • 1W7 Recall and represent relevant information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question in a variety of ways.